Yes, it’s true.  My son has forward movement.  It’s sort of an army crawl, but it’s getting the job done.  It’s terrible.  He might as well be walking down the aisle.

We are heading to Lake Kivu in a few hours for some much needed R & R.  No internet due to “technical difficulties” – I’m pretty sure every hotel in Rwanda advertises free wi-fi and then tells you they have technical difficulties upon arrival.  So here are a few pics to get you through the weekend.  Have a good weekend!

IMG_0750 IMG_0755 IMG_0766 IMG_0770 IMG_0773

Some crawling lessons…


One thought on “Crawling

  1. Fred looks so yummy. He’s the best kind of chubby.

    Thanks for all you’re sharing. I enjoy, and am blessed, reading about all that God is doing in you and through you!

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