No one will be happy to know that I have officially done yoga in my yoga pants, but it’s true. We are still having Justin come over and lead our practice. I can’t figure out how to get out of this. BB is obsessed. He loves it. Justin doesn’t seem to quite get that I am not competent at yoga but that he should give me credit just for trying.

I got a pedicure on Sunday. From a Rwandan man who was on his cell phone. Next to an Indian man also getting a pedicure. While reading a Business Week edition from March of 2010. [Remember when Icahn was buying all those companies? And the economy was in the tank? Oh wait…] All that being said, it was fabulous and cost less than $7.

Today BB and I picked avocados from our tree. If only someone had this on video, I can assure you we would get at least 10 views on YouTube (not counting our moms). BB uses a long piece of bamboo with a split on the end to hook the stem and twist. Then I *catch* it [provided that dirt isn’t falling in my eyes, birds don’t distract me, and I’m not too scared that it will fall on my head].  We went 2 of 4 today.

I’m reading Bossypants by Tina Fey for the fourth time, and I can tell you that book just keeps getting better. I really hope she’s writing another book.  I’m also reading Gone with the Wind for the third time but for the first time in regular size print. When I was in middle school, I really wanted to read Gone with the Wind, but our local library only had it in large print. The book came in two gigantic volumes, and I carried them around in my backpack for weeks so I could read it. And then I checked it out again later to read it again. Now you know why I was so popular!

Freddy is biting me a lot these days, apparently because of his teeth. Can someone tell me how to stop this? At first it was cute, but now it’s just painful.

You know what I love about Rwanda? They make awesome french fries, and they are served with every meal. You can even get them on pizza! And in a salad! Our cook makes them for us once a week. I’m telling you. We are not roughing it over here.

I don’t have anything of substance to offer you today. My head is swirling with thoughts too heavy to share and keep any of you reading so today you get a little levity for your Tuesday afternoon.






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  1. About the biting……that happened to me too when the twins were about 9 months old. I think I just used good old body language that told the tinnie winnies that I was in pain every time they used their teeth. You know, like a painful look in the eyes and perhaps a gasp! It worked! I breastfed until they were 16 months old! Good luck 🙂

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