At least it’s cold

My friend Nisky (remember him from when BB & I met!) used to tell this story about a friend who got hurt skiing, and then said “at least it’s cold.” It goes something like that, and the “at least it’s _____” phrase is one used a lot in our house when everything is going wrong.

I’m having some of those days lately. The honeymoon period has officially come to an end. Those cute cultural things that used to be incredibly charming are now incredibly annoying and frustrating. Nothing earth-shattering over here. Just coming to terms with the fact that this is life, and sometimes life things are annoying. Add to that the fact that everything (like everything, including, but not limited to, things such as: grocery shopping, cooking dinner, drinking water, buying pens, washing diapers, taking showers, finding conditioner in the store, getting gas for the car, communicating with anyone, making copies, getting directions, sleeping) in Rwanda is challenging and different, and you’ve got one frustrated mama.

Last night I dreamt that I was in a packed elevator at the Daley Center (the courthouse in Chicago). For those of you who’ve never experienced that joy, just imagine being smashed up against a large man that smells like coffee and last night’s whiskey. I think maybe the dream was reminding me that life could be worse.

Of course, the book of Philippians tells me that I should not complain.

But really, that was written to people in Philipi. Who’s to say it even applies to me?

Ok. It does. Sorry.

Life here is just fine. Fred got his yellow fever vaccine today and is in perfect health. BB’s work is going well. There’s a particular client who I’ve taken an interest in, and her trial went really well on Tuesday. It’s looking likely that the perpetrator will be convicted so that’s fabulous news. Tomorrow night is date night. Last night I ate delicious sushi with some fabulous ladies.

But I’m annoyed! I just want to turn on the faucet and get hot water to wash my hands. Is that too much to ask? What is wrong with the world such that we can’t get hot water here!?!?

At least there’s a termite infestation in our bedroom.






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