We just finished up a beautiful holiday season here in Kigali and an almost three-week visit with my parents. They travelled from the frigid Chicago weather to sunny, warm Rwanda. A new snowbird destination, perhaps?


My parents are rock stars. My mom hates travel, especially flying. So the fact that she was willing to spend over twenty hours one way on a plane is a sure sign of how much she loves me (really, Fred).

Fred’s favorite game is peek-a-boo, and he will play with anyone – real or not.


We met them at baggage claim, and when my mom came out and saw Fred (and me too?) she started weeping. It was one of the sweetest moments that everyone in baggage claim had ever seen. Fred promptly bit her on the face.

We spent 18 days seeing Kigali, visiting clients, worshiping God, talking talking talking, and playing with Fred. It was (almost) pure bliss, and I’m so sad they are gone! (Note: BB may have a slightly more moderate view of said bliss, but this isn’t his blog.)

We attended a friend’s church in Ndera, and BB decided to accompany the choir. Dad spoke, but I was too slow to get the camera out! The first time he was ever brief with words. 🙂


We celebrated Fred’s first birthday with chocolate cake and vanilla frosting (from scratch!). Mom patiently iced the cake and did the lettering. P1040146

Fred was super spoiled by his doting grandparents. They took him in the mornings so we could sleep, and they played with him non-stop. But the best part was that they got to see him start walking!P1040127

Fred got his first Cubs baseball…which the dogs promptly destroyed.P1040083

My dad is a kid-magnet. He loves kids. He loves playing with kids and making them laugh. Large groups of kids wanting attention are in no short supply in Rwanda.



They watched Fred for a night so BB and I could go to Sorwathe tea plantation – one of the most beautiful places in all of Rwanda! We drank lots of tea, went on a tour of the factory, and SLEPT. It was fabulous.

P1040484 P1040473

We feel so blessed to have had this special time with them. While it’s hard to be far away and not see family as often as you would like, only by moving 8000 miles away would we have spent 18 uninterrupted days together! We love you soooooo much, Mom and Dad!



5 thoughts on “KigAlo

  1. 5 Stars for the Bennett Bed and Breakfast!!! Best fruit salad in the WORLD! Great sites, fabulous food and cafe within walking distance, and shuttle service. But the people…oh the people inside…they will share their hearts and cause you to praise God. You have blessed our lives more than letters could ever spell. We love love love you. (And Bill, we know you already miss us. 😉

  2. Amanda…….your best Blog Post yet!!!!! I love your family and this touched my heart deeply! I so admire you and Bill…….and your family. God Bless you!

  3. I am in Oregon, and I am looking to purchase Tea from the Sorwathe Tea Factory, and I really want to make sure the workers on the tea plantation and the factory are treated as people, also I have been encouraged by this blog and the mention of God……

    • Thanks for your comment Cheryl! I was impressed with Sorwathe. I can’t speak to hiring/firing/wages, but from my vantage, they seemed to be running a good factory within a safe environment. I didn’t see anything that concerned me. They’ve won lots of awards for environmental care and fair trade practices as well. Thanks for reading!

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