I think I’ve been breaking the rules about number of serious issue posts on a blog. I’ve been in the serious for a while. So I’ll try and lighten it up a bit over here today.

Freddy is amazing. He walks, he runs, he throws things (food, toys, phones), he says “dog” and “no.” He has two molars and two more coming in. How did we get this kid??

The Rwandans are all saying I need to get busy and get him a sister. Since they don’t usually have 12 hours to sit and listen to a lecture on my life story, God’s timing, and the way that my plans are worth less than toilet paper, I usually just tell them to talk to God about it for me.

Remember those days? When I was in middle school, we used to have sleepovers and plan our weddings. We had these journals with very specific details about the groom, wedding party, music, food, honeymoon destination, our house design, and the names of our children. I usually went back and forth between two possible grooms. One of whom remains a friend and has a wonderful wife and family. My friend Steph would always marry the same person and guess what?? She’s actually married to him! My other friend just got married this past weekend, but not to my father, her chosen groom of middle school.

We really really thought those dreams were all going to come true. I can still picture the cut out from the Marshall Fields magazine of the wine colored bedspread for the master bedroom. And while Steph did marry her sweetheart, I’m pretty sure they don’t live in a 9 bedroom mansion in Colorado Springs with a jacuzzi (but if you are reading this and you do, please invite me over!!).

The way my life has turned out has been much better (overall). I never dreamed about the suffering, but the joys are much greater and much more lasting than a honeymoon to England (although, that would still be a nice trip. Maybe for an anniversary?). Sidenote: what kind of 11 year old girl dreams of a honeymoon to England? Must have already been deeply in love with Jane Austen (and a huge dork).

My friend Simone joked the other day that she pictures me on a perpetual vacation while living here, and she’s not totally wrong. My life kind of is a vacation. I live with all the comforts of the world in a quiet, safe home with my beautiful family. And it’s always sunny and 80 degrees! (Sorry Chicago.)

So, I’ll continue to dream a little because it’s fun, knowing that what God has planned is much better than my dreams.

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