14 months

Are all 14 month old baby/toddlers equally enjoyable and frustrating? Seriously, just say what you want, kid. And no, you can’t hold the iPad/pot of boiling water/bleach/knife/my eyeball.

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I have a love/hate relationship with this age. He’s totally delightful and interesting. It’s wonderful to watch him learn new things and say new words. But goodness. I am not enjoying having cups of water and peas thrown at my head. And he’s never going to have any friends if he keeps pulling hair. (See this look. He’s trying to figure out how to rip my hair from my head.)


What’s new with Fredo? He has 14 teeth. He can say the names of his nanny and our housekeeper. He loves them SO much. He loves playing ball and cars. He can identify the following toys: car, ball, monkey, bear, chicken, dog. He loves playing in the dirt and going for walks (both on our back or walking himself). He takes good naps. He loves looking at books. He dances using his feet and waving his hands. He likes to climb.

photo (8)

We are quite smitten with this little pumpkin. (Go Hoos!)

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  1. I can relate your experience. I have a 15 months old boy Yes you right I enjoyed but there is a time that is really frustrating once your are in a serious mode.Gosh it really make me insane because my baby was so high per. But even though he is annoying once he smiled looking at me, it can loss my stress. I am happy that I have a happy baby boy.

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