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Thanks for reading Wednesday. I wrote that post after being up all night thinking about what I want the world to know about Jesus. And I when I finished, I was filled with awe at his love and grace towards me – I need to be reminded about how massive my sin is and how huge his grace is. So I appreciate you joining me in that exploration.

Today I want to switch gears. I’ve been informally collecting stories of fraud and corruption that families have experienced in their DRC adoptions through One World Adoption Services. I’m sad to say that the stories keep coming. I want to formalize this collection.

My goal is this: to compile these stories and submit them as a group to various authorities (State Department, Justice Department, Georgia Attorney General’s Office, and any licensing offices in the State of Georgia). I believe that there is strength in numbers. If you have a story that you believe constitutes visa fraud, misrepresentation, or corruption, I want to hear it! I will keep all submissions confidential, and I won’t use your story in any way without talking to you first. Even if you aren’t sure whether your story rises to the level of criminal activity, send it my way. Together we can protect the families of DRC and hold those who are breaking the law accountable.

Email your stories to delighted [dot] bennett [at] gmail [dot] com.

5 thoughts on “Call for Action

  1. One World Adoption closes its doors on June 30th. Thank you Amanda. I have documentation about fraud in another one of its other international programs. Where should I send it.
    Thank you for saving the children!

  2. Thanks for your blog. I don’t know why I didn’t come across it before! And congrats on what I’m guessing you know is a success! We were just part of the domestic process, but depending on the next few days, may be hoping for strength in numbers.

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