First I have to thank everyone who sent me such lovely birthday greetings! I was quite overwhelmed by the texts, calls, emails, and FB posts. I felt very loved. I celebrated by going to the bank, changing money, grocery shopping, and buying internet credit. Just kidding…sort of. I did do all that, but BB also took me out a lovely dinner where the wait staff sang me a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

We also had a fabulous weekend in Gisenyi with a few other families. It was probably our best family vacation yet! Freddy is at the perfect age to enjoy the sand and the baby pool.P1040690 P1040703

Gisenyi is on Lake Kivu in the north west part of Rwanda, on the DRC border. Across the border is Goma and North Kivu, DRC, which are notoriously dangerous places due to many different warring groups, but it’s (relatively) stable right now and Gisenyi is quite safe. It’s beautiful to look across the lake into DRC and look north and see the volcanoes.

P1040710 P1040711 P1040718


We feel incredibly blessed to be able to live life in such a beautiful place. While we slept, we heard the waves crashing into the shore. It was a lovely end to my 31st year, and I think I’m ready for what the next year has in store.

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  1. This comment is shamefully late, and out of place. I’ve been trying to leave it on your birthday post, but either my computer or the blog is being wonky and it’s not working. Anyway. . .

    Happy birthday! You do not look 32. You have beautiful skin. Any time you and I talked I would think to myself “Wow, she has beautiful skin.” Seriously. The tightest pores ever. Not fair. Sorry for being so awkward and saying it here all out in public. It’s cold outside and I’m stuck in our tiny condo with two small children, so my social skills are at an all time low.

    Also, on a more serious note, thank you for all that you share and for how you share it. You’re hilarious and Godly. Doesn’t get better than that.

    Your haggard 35 year old friend,

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