We just returned from a fun long weekend in Uganda. They have KFC there. Not a fake KFC. The real deal – minus the fountain soda.


Fred has become a runner. At the KFC mall (which was oh so fancy. elevators! frozen yogurt! an Apple store!), I changed a diaper on the floor of the ladies room (not fancy enough for a diaper changing station, I guess). I was washing my hands, and he sprinted away, straight into the men’s room. I’m sure the men enjoyed watching the crazy lady yell and run after him.


We started our trip in Kampala, staying with an IJM family. We enjoyed the thrill of driving on the left and watching four people ride on the boda bodas (motorcycles) through the crazy traffic. We visited the IJM office and met the staff there. IJM Uganda focuses on cases of land grabbing. That night, we went to a restaurant where a few bunnies roam free on the lawn. Freddy enjoyed chasing them.


On Saturday, we met in person some friends who I’ve been corresponding with for a few years. The Rileys work on alternative care for children in Uganda, and they’ve been inspirational and influential in my life as I’ve learned about the complex issues facing vulnerable families in the developing world.


That afternoon, BB, our host and two of his children, took the boda boda tour around the city.


We finished up our time with our friends by going to their local church. Fred’s a bit of a handful during church these days. (See above re running.)


Sunday afternoon we drove to Jinja – about a 2 hour drive from Kampala at the actual source of the Nile River. Pretty cool to see the river that runs all the way to Egypt.


While in Jinja, we visited two ministries that serve families in Uganda. Abide Family Center provides support to vulnerable families who are at risk of placing their children in an orphanage, and Ekisa Ministries serves children with disabilities and their families.

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Fred knows the word belly now so he had to show the other kids.


Freddy enjoyed some daddy time while I was interviewing folks. 6.5 more weeks till we board the big plane to America!P1040947 P1050032


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  1. I’m so jealous!!! I want to go to Uganda and visit all those same ministries – wow! So happy for you. thanks for being such an influencer yourself, amanda!

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