In Defense of the Fatherless

I know all ten of you are waiting in anticipation of the actual human baby who has yet to be released, but he/she seems to be happily squatting in utero despite today’s eviction notice.

But while you wait, celebrate with me that our book-baby is here! I am so very proud to be a part of this effort. When I spoke with Sara in 2012 about this book, I was just a shell-shocked almost-adoptive parent. I believed in her then, and I believe in her even more now. I was honored to be invited into her process and join with her in completing this important work.

I’m excited to share some of the amazing ministries and organizations that we highlight in the book. I’m encouraged that good work is being done all over the globe for vulnerable children.

There are hard things in the book – it might challenge some of your beliefs and assumptions about working in the developing world. But I encourage you to stick with it. There’s hope! Of course our great hope is in Jesus, who will come again to fully redeem and restore. Even before he does, he’s already empowering his children to bring justice to the fatherless.

Join us!!

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