Saying Yes

Twelve years ago today, sweet BB got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. That story is here. Little did he know, what he was really asking was “will you travel internationally with two kids while you suffer through the flu?”


Marriage for us has been a series of yeses. Some hard, some easy, some beautiful, some through clenched teeth. Some hard fought, some with tears and trepidation. Some with jumping up and down joy.

Will you make a home with me?

Will you adjust your family traditions?

Will you go into debt with me?

Will you stay up late arguing with me?

Will you laugh with me everyday?

Will you be tender with my heart and fears?

Will you encourage me when you don’t want to?

Will you sit in hard doctor’s visits with me?

Will you love my family through hard times?

Will you tell me I’m beautiful when I’m not?

Will you forgive me when I am unforgivable?

Will you provide for us while I follow my dreams?

Will you eat 7 foods for 30 days with me?

Will you sell everything and move to Rwanda with me?

Will you stay up all night with my sick kids?

Will you wake up covered un my sick kid’s vomit?

Will you make love to me when you are beyond exhausted?

Will you take risks with me?

Will you listen to me talk about work for hours and hours?

Will you let me tell you what to do (sometimes)?

Will you forgive me when I am late coming home from work (just got that text!)?

Will you continue to say yes to me even when it’s hard?

I admit. I often say no. I often want to say no. But I will keep trying to say yes. Because that’s what I said on that gorgeous sunny day May 11, 2003 even though I had no idea what I was getting into!


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