12 years

Dear BB,

This weekend we celebrated 12 years of marriage. We could fill a lot of (boring) books with memories that are precious to us. Here we are, 12 years in, two beautiful small sons, different careers than we imagined, living in Rwanda. Only an author-God could write such a tale.

And yet, it’s not so different than what I thought it would be. You introduced me to the idea of a larger world. Before I met you, 60 miles was the farthest I’d lived from the farm town where I was raised. I always wanted to travel the world, but I lacked the nerve. Then I met and married you – a man to whom the words “can’t,” “won’t,” “shouldn’t” are mere challenges. You have a fundamental belief that there’s nothing in the world outside of your grasp.




I think that’s why I am always amazed that you would want to marry me. Where you see endless possibilities and opportunities, I see roadblocks, valleys and walls. It must get exhausting convincing me that it’s not too hard. But you do. You keep pushing me to new levels of trust and discovery. Maybe I’m your biggest challenge yet! A lifetime challenge, perhaps.IMG_0108

I don’t say it enough, but I appreciate your faithfulness, your willingness to never quit on me, to never accept my “can’t.” You believe in me like no one else. Thanks for 12 years of memories. I’m so glad our sons have you as their father – a man who will never stop challenging them, believing in them, calling them to do more, but also a tender man of grace. You aren’t a taskmaster or a coach. You’re a cheerleader with endless energy. We love you!

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