Paul is 1

Paul! You are one year old. It’s hard to believe that you are no longer an infant, and yet, it seems like you have always been part of our family. What a joy and a delight you are, sweet boy.


Two boys – a phrase I repeat often around here. My two boys. I have two beautiful boys. What a gift.

You bring such happiness and fun to our otherwise boring life. Your squeals and new tricks make us all laugh – especially Freddy. Just this week, you have learned to walk. Like your other skills before, you learned on your own. You watched, and then achieved. No one trained you and encouraged you. You just saw everyone walking and decided to join in. Already you are trying to run and to dance. I pray nothing will ever hold you back from your dreams, son.


You can say “mama,” “dada,” “bye,” and “uh oh.” Will you be a chatterbox of words like your big brother? You are pointing at what you want, and your shrieks of joy (and sometimes anger) pierce our ears.

You wave to strangers and try to get them to smile back at you. You see the world as a place of acceptance and love. I pray you model that in your life, son.

Your brother hurts you. It’s part of life. He’s learning, of course, but we know it will happen again. You react with shock and sadness, but you come back for more. I pray that you will be resilient and grace-filled for the larger hurts coming your way, son.


You dive into my arms when you see me, when you are afraid or need a hug. I pray that you will always run to others when you need a hug. There are so many beautiful people in the world whom God is preparing to love you well.

Dear Paul, we are so privileged to know you. May you know that you are loved, seen, known, accepted, cherished by your parents.    12321664_10100215734160335_5073889210588218806_n


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  1. Such a beautiful, living message to your darling son. He and Freddy are fortunate to have you and Bill for parents.

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