A Time to Act

Thanks to you all for making yesterday’s post the most read on my blog. I didn’t get any mean comments, so that must mean a lot of you agree and want this madness to stop.

I received so many messages from people who felt like there was a bit of their story in the post – stories from Haiti, Guatemala, Uganda, Ethiopia. My heart breaks for you. Thank you for speaking out.

So we must now act. It’s time to stop the money train that flows to these adoption agencies who profit off the backs of widows, orphans and hard-working Westerners who want to open their homes to those in need. We need to say no when they charge $300 per month per child for orphan care when they have no intention of caring for orphans. We need to ask questions when the say they can’t get any information from their in-country staff. We need to laugh in their faces when they tell us that they have no control over what happens in the sending countries.

We’ve taken this abuse for too long. We sit silently by and let families on both sides of the globe get destroyed. No longer. We have the power. We control the money. When they stop making money, we will see change. As long as we continue to send them money, they will continue to exploit the poor. I wish it wasn’t true.

I know that many of these men and women didn’t get into running adoption agencies to traffic children. They believed they were doing good. But somehow, they’ve lost their way. When agency representatives pay bribes, falsify paperwork, smuggle children across the border, demand exorbitant fees, and withhold medical care to children who need it, then they are no longer trying to help children.

It’s time to read the handwriting on the wall. Adoption is a beautiful thing, but it’s become a business – a very, very¬†lucrative business where children are commodities. Let’s stop buying them.