The title of this blog should really be “First World Problems while living in the Developing World.”  For today’s installment, let’s talk about how bad my hair looks here.  I have nice hair, but the only way it looks good is if the conditions are right.  I have zero patience or skills to actually style my hair so natural has to be the way it works.  In this dry Rwandan climate combined with my shower’s low water pressure, my hair looks terrible all the time.  Also, I’m not a fan of the current length.  You feel so sorry for me, don’t you?

Also, I packed wrong.  (Alternatively, it could be that I’m just terrible at anything fashion-related.  I never seem to look as put together as the rest of the world.)  Is there anything more depressing than spending 3 months thinking about what to pack only to come and determine that you should have packed differently?  I never want to know how much of my life has been a complete waste of time.  It has to be over 80%.

The best news of the week is that we have hot water!!  It’s quite amazing what a hot shower does to my outlook on life.  I went from the pit of despair on Sunday to being a completely new woman after my shower on Monday.  (Yes, BB loves my mood swings!)

Seriously though, there’s no doubt that comfort is an idol of mine.  I don’t really need approval or success (obviously), but I really need my comforts.  I need hot water, no bugs, a soft bed, delicious meals, chocolate, coffee.  Take these away, and you will get an eye twitch from having to deal with me (sorry honey!).

I’m not proud of this part of my sin nature.  I truly have some desires to be that totally earthy chick who eats beets for a meal, loves a cold shower and thinks nothing of using an outhouse.  She sounds amazing!  I would like to be her friend.   I bet she runs seven minute miles without sweating and doesn’t even eat chocolate!  She’s probably a size 0 too.

Thank the Lord that he loves me anyway.   And I’m thankful that he keeps bringing these challenges to my life.  He has bestowed grace sufficient for my weakness and even a hot shower as well.