Twenty Months

Fred, today you are 20 months old. Twenty months seems like a long times (especially when I consider that I haven’t slept for 8 hours straight in 20 months), but at the same time, it’s weird to think you haven’t already been here.


You are a pure delight to your dad and me. We both miss you like crazy when we are apart, and you light up our days with your personality. At night, you sleep between us, and we stare at you in wonder that this little boy gets to live with us.

You love water – swimming, baths, showers, puddles, and buckets of water outside. It doesn’t matter. You can play in water for hours.


You are very coordinated – whether it’s eating cereal with a spoon, kicking a soccer ball, throwing a tennis ball, or holding your crayon correctly for “colora.” Your language develops every day. You have new words each day and repeat everything we say.



You love the music at church. You sing along, and when it’s quiet, you yell “Amen.” It cracks us up. You love playing harmonica and piano with daddy while he plays guitar too. You make song requests at night when I sing to you. You ask for “Row Row” and “ABCs” most often.


Dude. Let’s talk about your obsession with shoes. It’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up, and at night, you have to put all the shoes “night night.” Your first sentence was “shoes on,” and your first three word sentence was “blue shoes on.” You change your shoes multiple times a day, throw a fit if we don’t comply with the request, and try on our shoes all the time. You notice whether people are wearing shoes in books, and sometimes you insist that daddy and I change our shoes.

You LOVE playing outside, and you love watching the animals. You held a bunny this past week. You are learning to be gentle with the smaller animals, and you love to chase the goats.


Most importantly, you just make your dad and me so very happy. We feel so privileged to watch you grow and get to know you. You are like us in many ways, and in other ways you are just your own Fred. We are so excited to get to know you more every day. We love you so very much.



Happy Birthday Fred!

Yesterday was Freddy’s first birthday. It’s hard to believe this was one year ago:

IMG_0240My sweet little peanut baby.

Dear Fred,

We call you Fred, Freddy, Frederick, Frederico, Fredo, Munezero. You are always happy. Everyone comments about how you smile and laugh all the time. Even when you do get a little upset, you are easily distracted.


Your favorite game right now is peek-a-boo. You are always ducking under the table and popping up. You even play peek-a-boo with your Little People toys.

You love mommy, daddy, your grandparents, Auntie Claudia and Gorethi. You light up when you see your family on FaceTime. You clap for everyone. You dance when music plays.


You generally like all food, but these days, you also love dropping it to the floor and watching it fall. You weren’t so sure about that birthday cake.

Baths and swimming are fun for you. You like to splash and eat the water.


You take two naps a day. You still wake up a lot at night. You start the night in your crib, but you eventually move into our bed. You wake us us by your sleep gymnastics – rolling and doing the worm while you sleep. You are constantly head-butting us, and we awaken to you smiling and pulling our hair.


You love to go on long walks on our back. You like to smile at the people. You like to watch the dogs and play outside with dad.

You crawl so quickly and walk all around the furniture. You’ve just started taking a few steps on your own.

You are still a great nurser! You love to nurse all day and all night. We’ve gotten pretty good at it over this year.


Most importantly, you are a blessing to your dad and me. We still pinch ourselves and can’t believe you really exist. We’ve never felt as much joy as we do when we look at you, snuggle you, talk to you. You are becoming an independent little boy, and it’s scary to me, but at the same time, I just love watching your grow. I love seeing your personality develop and how you bring so much joy to the lives of other people.


Thanks for giving us a great first year.