Waiting for the sweet

Yesterday was our last day in Chicago (for a while).  On Monday, I enjoyed one last run (I use that term loosely) along the lake front with Lucy.  Daydreaming and reminiscing about all the memories of Uptown, I was shocked into the present by a crazy woman jumping out and yelling at me about the dog.  Ah Chicago.  I’ll miss your charm.

After 13 awesome years, we packed up our apartment and left Chicago.  We’ve had so many good memories in this town (and I hope to have many more!), but it’s strange to no longer have a Chicago address.  It’s the town where we met, feel in love, got Lucy, had Freddy.  The town where we were educated, where we had our first real careers, where we enjoyed Cubs games, Bear games, house parties, amazing food, and thrilling music.  The town where we ran the lake shore path, rode bikes through Lincoln Park and bar-crawled from the river to Southport (once, when we were pretending to be young).  The town where we had the best fellowship, where we learned to worship and where we laughed and laughed and laughed.

For all the sites, sounds, deep-dish pizza, concerts, sporting events, favorite places, and beautiful lake, there’s no doubt what I will miss most.  I’m heart-broken to leave the best friends I’ve ever had. These powerful friendships will no doubt continue, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll all meet again in the same place and in the same way.  I’m sad to not be raising Freddy with them this year.  I had such a picture in my mind of what this season of life would look like for me, but now it will be different.

I learned what true friendship was in Chicago.  I learned what it meant to have a support group that you can call on when things get rough.  I learned what it meant to laugh so hard that you can’t catch your breath.  I’ve experienced what it really means to be known by someone and loved for who you are.  I’ve never felt more loved than by these friends.

We will meet again.  We will laugh and cry together again.  But today tastes a little bitter. I am still waiting for the sweet.

Love to you all – you know who you are.  Don’t have too much fun without me.  I look forward to lattes, cupcakes, a game of charades, a trip to Eileen Fischer, a lunch at the Chicago History Museum, a Cubs game, an impromptu stop by, a playdate at the park, an early morning walk, a dance party, a trip to the beach, a book club, Mexican food, a meal at Athenian Room, and a BBQ when I return.