We went for 24 hours here without running water.  We normally have a back up cistern, but it malfunctioned. Eating my words about hot showers.  I just want a shower.  Not a bucket of water.  Water dripping, flowing, whatever.

I can’t believe we live in a world where millions of people lack water. Friday I visited a client. The women outside meticulously washing pots and pans with water from a bucket.  Who knows how far they had to travel to get that water. Who knows whether the water they drink will make them sick.

Thinking about the living water today. I am in a dry season, physically, spiritually. All who thirst, let them come to the water. But how? How do you come? I want it, but I don’t know the Way. Jesus is the Way, but what does that mean? I’m swimming in water – prayer time, Bible study, church, devotionals, worship, and yet I’m dry.

I want a map.  A to do list for spiritual revival. I don’t want to wait on the Holy Spirit. I don’t want to surrender control. Just tell me what to do, and I will do it. I came to Rwanda to do things. But it’s not working. I’m going through the motions, checking the boxes, and I’m still thirsty.

It’s supernatural. I have to wait for the Holy Spirit to move. There is no manual drive for this.

Wait. Those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. Patience. A test? Can I rejoice while I wait? The Isrealites waited 400 years before the Word came back. I hope it’s not 400 years. I can’t even wait 400 seconds!


The Mundane and the Amazing

First things first, I need a new name for the blog.  Something catchy that conveys the topic (which is really broad – my spiritual journey, motherhood, social justice, adoption, orphan care, chocolate eating…).  But I have no creative bones in my body.  Please help me by commenting with your suggestions.

 I had such a rejuvenating day today.  BB got up early with Freddy, which allowed me an extra hour of sleep, followed by a cold, rainy run and finished off with a cup of coffee and a Bible study.  I need to figure out how to start every day that way.

Freddy and I had fun visiting my sweet sister at her nanny job.  The little girl (1.5 years old) enjoyed throwing her ball at him and at one point sat on his head.  Freddy, of course, remained smiling and unaware.


You can see that Freddy still has quite the affinity for hand-towels and washcloths.  Perhaps a job as a bathroom attendant in his future?  Or maybe Bed Bath and Beyond? 

I had a fabulous lunch with a great friend, also a new mom.  A visit from another friend and her sweet girls who entertained the boy and brought peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  Finally, a visit from a friend who cut BB’s and my hair.  Her passion for helping victims of sex trafficking spurred on great conversation, and I think I may now know where all my stuff needs to go when we move [in 7 weeks!!!!].  🙂

All this grace.  Undeserved.  Who am I to merit such rich relationships with people?  Such love poured out on me and my family.  If not for the Holy Spirit, I would have never met these friends.  These precious people who pray for me, chat with me, bring me cookies, and cut my hair.

My cup overflows tonight.  May I never forget such grace bestowed on me.