7 months

Freddy turns 7 months this week.  I can’t believe how time is flying.  I brought the baby book all the way to Kigali, but I haven’t updated it.  Baby steps.

He’s learned to clap, and it’s adorable.  He loves to listen to music and dance.


Now we are working on waving goodbye.



He’s such a delight.  I’m still amazed that he’s really here.  I was just re-reading some messages I sent back when we were doing IVF.  What a time we’ve had.  Our little miracle.

He’s a huge hit in Rwanda.  People grab his legs wherever we go.  Last week, we took him to IJM’s prayer retreat, and all my colleagues (men and women) were passing him around.  He does not lack for love around here!

My sweet boy, I hope you grow up knowing how loved you are; how much you were wanted; how many people prayed for you.  There are big shoes to fill, but we trust God has big plans for you!  I love you with all my heart.