The burritos are on their way.  That’s the good news.  Like manna from heaven, the Lord is sending me a burrito. I’m a weak-willed woman and 30 minutes ago was trying to figure out how hard it would be to get home.  But I am won over again with a burrito.

Fred is sick.  He hasn’t been sick his whole life, but of course gets sick the first week in Rwanda when I am supposed to be starting work.  I guess I shouldn’t have let him suck on the seatbelts on the plane and lick the floor of our new home.  Live and learn.

Enough dramatics!  Let’s see some pics.  Here’s the view from our front yard and front gate.


Front gate

Our surrogate dogs – don’t tell Lucy!


Fred’s diapers drying on the clothesline.


The golf course.


Kigali mountainside.


I told you it was beautiful here!